About 4Works Gloves & Gear

4Works provides reliable and economical protection for people who work with their hands

4Works Gloves & Gear specializes in gloves for hard-working people. We make sure that you get your orders fast, and that any of your questions are resolved right away. Browse and order product here, or email/call our Wheeling, IL office if you want something special.

Our goal

We aim to provide you with great quality gloves at economical prices so that dependable protection for your hands is easy, quick, and straight-forward.

How we do it

We keep our products affordable and our responses quick by keeping our operations lean and efficient and offering only the most demanded products of the glove market.

Benefits to our end users

If you’re interested in comparing our gloves to the product you currently use, send us an email and ask us for samples. If your distributor doesn’t already work with us, we guarantee to give them competitive pricing and terms. If you are open to working with a new distributor - let us know and we’ll get you in touch with a third party. Or work directly with us - we can setup special pricing based on volume and get your orders shipped in a heartbeat.

Benefits to our distributors

Our efficiency keeps us competitive, and that means you get an amazing price for high quality products from a company that ships and responds fast. We want you to be satisfied with your experience, so we do what we can to make sure you are. Send us an email to ask about distributing 4Works products.